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History Of Aiki Kai Aikido


Aikido is a martial art that was developed in the 20th century by Morihei Ueshiba (O Sensei).
Despite his mastery of many fighting techniques, O Sensei had decided that winning seemed pointless if it was at someone else's expense.

He decided that the true victory was not the defeat of an opponent, but the resolution of discord within oneself. He then developed the art as a means of diverting harm from oneself without inflicting damage on an aggressor.

The founder often used the expression "faster than light" when describing the theory of Aikido.
Aikido is practised by men, women & children of all ages. It develops mental concentration, agility, balance and reflex action.

Training involves techniques using not only arms & legs, but the whole body as well as the Jo (staff) and the Bokken (wooden sword)